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Saturday, March 15, 2014

★ "Trusting Darkness" - COVER REVEAL! ★

"Trusting Darkness" - COVER REVEAL! ★

Be prepared to live in a new world: 
dark elves, war and deception are coming your way! 


Meanwhile enjoy this snippet:

“Are you a killer?” Harold Svarthar asked her.
“Yes, I am,” she told him with no hesitation, as Kiro staggered.
The Sorrowful Prince stopped right in front of her and stroked her lips with the black diamond on the top of his staff.
“Whom do you kill?”
“Anyone who stands in my way.”
Harold Svarthar grinned. That reborn seemed stubborn enough to bring him some good results. He shook his hand and Kiro walked back towards the elevator, leaving Ella alone with the Sorrowful Prince.
“Even yourself?” he hissed, touching the cut on her neck with his finger.
“I’d rather live,” she said, remembering how pale Alvin had been as she was pushing down on the sword.
“You see it now, don’t you? Questions and answers are like a knife with a slippery handle, one wrong turn and the blade is sinking its teeth into your flesh;” the prince leaned on his staff and whispered to Ella’s ear, like a demon weaving a net of nightmares, choosing and sewing together only the worst images. “Tell me, child, or I might think that you’re holding back something… but you just said you wouldn’t… and then I might not trust your loyalty any longer or even call you a liar. Would you stake your own life on a single chance to succeed?”
© Eva Fairwald - "Trusting Darkness"